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An enemy who gets your "water" can cause grave damage to you by stopping it up in a bottle with red pepper and Graveyard Dirt. She may even thread it into a self-covered fabric belt and wear it thus amongst her clothing.

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The string is then kept in a mojo bag, as before, or burned with the candle. However, the basis for the utilization of urine in women's sex-attracting spells makes ready sense to anyone who has ever raised goats -- because smelling and even tasting the urine of a doe goat is the prime way that a buck goat has for determining the female's readiness for mating.


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That's twenty little clippings. In descending order of strength, according to hoodoo folk magic, here is a list of substitute magical links: The knots are made starting from the center and working outward, alternating left and right sides until the ends are reached. I have known women who have frozen their menstrual blood in ice cube trays in the freezer for future use.


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