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Opinionated, and she knows that. Cosmically, of course as opposed to directly, we would never imply something as crass as that, would we? About a year ago, Aquino's devotion to her sons was made clear to the public, after she announced her retirement from showbiz to focus on motherhood. Flickr Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna year-age gap The pair tied the knot in early after more than a five-year romance, not letting the issue on their huge age difference get in the way of their happiness.


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Mali is the only captive elephant in the Philippines and the zoo does not have adequate knowledge or resources to properly care for her. I don't think she has that.

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This might be something you could expect from a person who's born with a silver spoon in her mouth. On March 15, , during an interview with Myx she revealed details on her second album and that its carrier single will be released by the end of the month.

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As such, it will appeal to scholars of cultural studies, sociology and politics with interests in whiteness, postcolonialism and race. She is very maarte and she's yes a good actress but not a good person.

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