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Pairs which are bonded often sit near each other, chase other birds away, and point their tails towards each other. Young emerge from the nest with olive-gray plumage and may still have the blue nodules at the sides of their beaks dilutes, yellows and silvers will emerge with lighter coloring, and blues will emerge with grayish-blue coloring. In my experience, the birds which are most likely to toss their chicks are the ones who seem least secure with their nest.

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Life Cycle eggs most common Incubation date: Starting about one month prior to the start of the breeding season, feed your birds a high quality diet pellets and seed supplemented with an egg mix.

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Hybrids have occurred between the gouldian finch and the Blue-faced Parrot-finch. You should strongly consider culling any bird from your breeding program which refuses to raise its young properly after several unsuccessful clutches. Breeding season Many books about Lady Gouldian Finches refer to Immelmann's notes on the wild Lady Gouldian and simply state that "the natural breeding season of wild Gouldian Finches is the latter half of the wet season" from approximately January through April, although some breeders in Australia successfully breed their birds into October.

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She is in breeding condition as shown by her black beak and she also has a remaining gray juvenile feather in her mask, indicating that she is just now finishing her first molt, placing her at about six months of age. The reason to take away the bath water is that if the parents decide to toss the chicks, they may end up tossing them into the water bath or dish causing the babies to drown before you can rescue them. These chicks will soon fledge. Using this method, they imbibe water quickly and spend less time being vulnerable to predators at water holes; additionally, their method allows them to exploit small volumes of water such as dew drops as well as draw water up vertically from otherwise difficult to access sources.

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They will begin to beg audibly at day 3, and grow louder as they grow older and stronger. Usually the cock is the culprit who tosses the babies. Black-headed "Gray-headed" purple-breasted single factor yellow-bodied "Dilute" Cock. Even in an aviary, captive gouldians are highly unlikely to build a free-standing nest.


If they run out, give them more until they desire adding to the aim. If they run out, give them more until they entail soaring to the nest.

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