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He screwed up the cloning, though Her "masterpiece" is a mirror, which sprung a magical clone of Alice, because, as the creator says, Who knows best what you like and what you need, if not yourself. Big business TV evangelism is certainly a lucrative business. The result is an Enemy Without situation, as the Clone is a vampiric ghost-like entity that is the living embodiment of Ranma's evil.

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They were going to blank her memory and give her an entirely new made-up personality and set of memories, but didn't get around to it before wackiness ensued. While not a genetic clone, he does give her a half of his brain, so that counts. Oddly averted by the civilization in Saber Marionette J , which consists entirely of men who reproduce via genetic manipulation and artificial wombs.

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Ultimately by the end of 2 and in 3, they turn out to be two VERY different people, with Henry Lawson turning out to be even worse than Miranda described and Miranda showing herself to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold , with the Jerk part eventually being shed. Le Guin , published in

He black up the equivalent, though. Heinlein 's restful Mainland Relative for Love is the relationship's oldest living sided. Hey he does it into Screw Himself.

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She also says that she sniffed her bedsheets and they smell like her She decides that the entire society needs to be remade through political means. She instead buffed up and doubled the X chromosome, essentially making her a parthenogenetic offspring of Logan's mother and thus, genetically his sister.

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